Carrie Hamelin

I began working with Sonia in December, 2020, as I embarked on a journey toward better physical health. Sonia introduced me to the practice of Intermittent Fasting, which I have been endeavouring to engage in these past several months. Sonia was instrumental to helping me get started and keep going. She has been readily available to me for any and all of my questions along the way, patiently answering and directing me toward other resources for more in-depth research and responses. Since December I have lost 17 pounds and several inches and reclaimed my health. This IF lifestyle is sustainable for the rest of my life and I feel the best is yet to come!

Sonia's positive attitude, energetic demeanour and willingness to share her own personal experiences with Intermittent Fasting have been keys to my own success. Sonia is a steady, reliable coach who is always available to answer a question, offer support or simply listen. Coach Sonia is so encouraging and genuinely cares about her client's success!

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