My stories, thoughts and lessons to share with you in hopes that it may bring you some insight.

Moderation is the Pitcher Plant

What is the pitcher plant? The pitcher plant is a carnivorous plant that has modified leaves known as pitfall traps. They’re a prey-trapping feature that forms a deep cavity filled…

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An Interview With Life Coach Sonia Workman: Answers to All Your “Whys” of Life

by Sarah Marie in New York Weekly If you are like me, you are perhaps mindlessly scrolling through your phones and bombarding yourself with endless questions in your head. It…

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This is my story

. The Parental Blueprint: Surviving Physical, Mental and Sexual Abuse. From a very early age, on a scale between 1 and 10, where 10 is the best, my self-esteem and…

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To be or not to be alcohol free rejecting alcohol

To Be or Not To Be Alcohol-Free?

We all know that the pandemic of 2020 brought along with it so many different things, like more anxiety, more restrictions, more feelings of uneasiness and really not knowing what…

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