An Interview With Life Coach Sonia Workman: Answers to All Your “Whys” of Life

by Sarah Marie in New York Weekly

If you are like me, you are perhaps mindlessly scrolling through your phones and bombarding yourself with endless questions in your head. It could be anything like, “Why did I feel under-confident today?” or “Why aren’t things around me working out?” The human race often comes with too many aspirations and expectations. The feeling of coveting happiness is all about embracing courage and making bold decisions in life, at least that is what the thriving Empowerment Mindset Life Coach Sonia Workman believes in!

I recently had a chance to chat with her and, while sipping coffee, some incredible insights got me acquainted with the life that I was looking for! She is another powerful life coach who inspires her learners from her past experiences. Sonia’s passionate approaches often address the issues related to physical and mental distress. Having her share of challenges, Workman is fueled by positive energy and courageous decisions. She believes her stories can inspire countless out there who have been in dire straits. She is an Empowerment Mindset Coach that helps others change their limiting beliefs to empowering beliefs…

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