When Sonia reached out to the community about her coaching niche I knew it was a perfect fit to what I needed. Sonia has this incredible energy and strength in her character that instantly made me feel safe. On our first session I felt at ease and it became quickly apparent to me that there were some deeper issues behind the big goal I was working towards. For me it was all about shifting my mindset and having some honest conversations with myself with some much needed guidance and support.

My initial goal was to address the lack of confidence and imposture syndrome I was feeling but after just a few questions the WHY unmasked some deep routed issues for me that were blocking me more than I realised.

Sonia created a non judgemental safe and open space for me which enabled me to go deep into my struggles with shame, guilt and vulnerability. In a way she normalised shame and guilt and made me feel OK to talk about it and that is a credit to her as it is not something I have ever felt comfortable talking about.

I learned that I needed to shift my mindset to focus on self worth and self love. Through identifying these issues its help me zoom in and focus on them and do some much needed work around them.

Every session not only would I take something powerful away for myself to explore and reflect on but I would also always soak up her wisdom about life and her book and meditation recommendations!

I needed a coach who not only really inspired me but was also confident and comfortable in asking me difficult questions. I needed the difficult questions to hold me to account to myself.

Throughout my whole coaching journey with Sonia I have felt so much accountability to myself and I personally needed that. She has brought my awareness to the internal power I have as an individual and the value and worth I deserve.

By slowly starting to shift my mindset I have a seen positive change in my behaviour and the way I feel about myself and the world. My confidence is growing by the day and I am very much aware of the work I still need to do.

There are a final few steps I need to take and I can feel the courage and confidence coming to take them and having a wonderful coach means I know I don’t have to do them on my own….

Sonia's strengths in her Coaching lie in her passion and energy to help people.